About Us

We are are Breeders of Merit with AKC and RRCUS.  
We live on farm in Denver, Ia and although you use the term "kennel" there is not one on our property. Our dogs are all raised in a family home enviroment and we have a large fenced in yard for them to run and play in.

Our first purebred breed of dog was a Weimaraner. Our girl "Silvi" lived 14 years and was our first introduction to the world of breeding purebred dogs. We still have contact with some of our past puppy owners and I can still tell you where each was placed originally.

We raise row crops and have bred and raised show beef cattle for over 30 years, so genetics are no stranger to us. We understand how to breed for form and function. We have sold our cattle herd but continue to row crop farm and I (Julie) work a "town" job also.

Our Ridgebacks have done well for us, producing beautiful pups that perform in the ring and most importantly in the hearts of the people that love them. We have raised a Multi-Best in Show male, Zohan, our girl Zuri has earned many titles obedience, barn hunt, comformation and now her Register of Merit. Many of our pups have earned their AKC Championship titles both with us and with their owners. We are very proud to also have a few hunters in the family.  We do do some lure cousing but are not hard core as there are not as many events in our area. 

We breed our ridgebacks to maintain breed standards and do not run to the flavor of the week. We always look at genetics and always do health testing. I hope you enjoy our site, I am always adding pictures and updatng info, please contact us with any questions you may have. 


319 240-8189