Over the years we have had the pleasant experience of rescuing and owning Rhodesian Ridgebacks, also known as African lion dogs.  Normally we`ve had to travel a distance to acquire this breed, until approximately two years ago, when we discovered Hilltop Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Denver, Iowa.  Scott and Julie Buss of Hilltop both breed and show ridgebacks. 

There are several reasons we will continue to choose Scott and Julie as our breeder of choice,  one being that their ridgebacks are not kennel dogs but raised as family dogs and treated as such!  Another would be the thorough research and thought process they put into each litter to ensure the pups are healthy and placed in a quality, loving homes.
Hilltop Rhodesian Ridgebacks not only have outstanding show quality dogs but their dogs also make great family pets.  If you are lucky enough to purchase a dog from Scott and Julie, you will find the experience highly satisfactory and memorable!  Most of all you will become a member of their pack!!! - Kathy Meyer Albee

We had no idea what a truly wonderful twist of fate it was that day I reached out to Julie and Scott in our search for the perfect new fur companion. Their undying love for each and every puppy that they help bring into the world and then place in its forever home is one of their many special gifts. We not only have the honor of spending our lives with two of their gorgeous and beloved pups, but we know we are just a call away from a trusted second opinion, proud grandparent, and confidant who understands and cherishes the endless stories of what one or the other of the pups is up to. They have bestowed two of the greatest gifts of love on us, and we couldn`t be more grateful to be considered a part of the Hilltop family. - Erin M.