We won’t lie. We think Rhodesian Ridgeback’s are the most world’s adorable puppies. We realize we might be biased though! We have upcoming litters planned and puppies that are currently available.

    We take the placement of our puppies very seriously. We will need you to fill out a questionnaire concerning your life to let us know little bit more about you. Things like your schedule, knowledge of dogs, and your home life are very important for us to take into consideration. Our top priority will always be to ensure that whatever home we place our Rhodesians in is the best possible fit for them.

    Waiting List

    We do generally have a waiting list and welcome you to call or email. We do take deposits and will send you a questionnaire to start the process and deposit contract once you have been approved. Again our email is bussblues@msn.com. Thank you for visiting our site.

    Like many puppies, our Rhodesians will grow up to be dogs that require mental and physical stimulation. They’ll want to be active and crave to be part of your life. They`re not the type of breed you can “adopt and forget about” or leave from long periods of time. They’ll become frustrated and “act out” if you do this. These are all things you need to consider when pondering the question “Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback right for me?” 

    We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions you have!

    Julie Buss
    Phone: 319 240-8189
    Email: bussblues@msn.com